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Kate's Corner -- Hating My Ex

Prompt: Who hurt you?

I think anyone could rant about their exes as the person who hurt them. But this being a 300 word prompt and my being a person who appreciates an economy of words, I’ll just jump in.

I don’t hate my ex but by god he was the worst. He made me feel like the Big Bad Wolf for about three years, and believe me when I say those feelings stick. It makes me sick! But it’s not him (right? I have autonomy over my feelings! Thank you Dr. Maclean and my father!), rather it’s the fact that he made me so insecure. Thats what I hate.

So hating my ex is like hating myself. And hating someone is like setting yourself on fire and hoping the other person burns. So there’s that.

He hurt me because he enabled me to hate myself for reasons I had never thought I would hate myself for. And I would go into specifics but I feel like a lot of people have an ex who made them hate themselves and I want to leave room free for fill-in-the-blank. And I guess it’s not fair to say that it was him who made me hate myself (truth be told my ego doesn’t want to allow him that much power). But still, if it’s not him, then it’s me, and I’ve already compiled a long, long list of ways that I hurt myself, so why not shoulder this blame on someone else? I realise this doesn’t paint me in the best light, but what can I say? My ex hurt me.

(Written while listening to “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry— unfortunately this song hurts me as well, but I’ve exceeded the word count.)

-- Kate Nathan, November 2020

For more information on the attached "Dancing Seductress" here.

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