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Episode #112: How to Make a Million Bucks, with Marcia Page

Marcia Page: Investor Extraordinaire! a “Masterclass” to grow on your assistant salaried, triple-roommated, daily-cup-of-noodles budget.

In this video, Marcia Page demonstrates how you can grow a hundred bucks into a million. If you find yourself digging for couch coins and splitting the check for one pint among the whole group, this is an episode for you.


Mysteriously sincere, criminally hardworking, and killer at creating delectable Swedish food (albeit difficult to discern, pronounce, and comprehend), Marcia Page has been keeping myself, my entire family, and a multi-national company afloat from remarkable dumpster fires for as long as I have known her.

Marcia is the Executive Chair of Värde Partners, a global alternative investment management firm with $14 billion in assets under management. Since co-founding the firm in 1993, Marcia has overseen every aspect of Värde’s growth: raising each fund, crafting investor communications, and developing the firm’s collaborative infrastructure and culture. On top of this, Marcia divides her her time among her investment initiative for women- and BIPOC-owned businesses and funds, multiple investment committees, and various board roles.

If you’re looking for a laugh, consider tallying how many mathematical errors the interviewer makes. Or, sip every time Marsh says “the magic of compound interest.”

This has been our most requested episode yet, especially from you A-typer friends and family. Perhaps Marsh’s video feels necessary for these staggering political (red-blooded), economic (decomposing), and social (hypothetical) times. Though truthfully, we’re both hoping for roughly six full views.

Thank you for your time, Marcia Page!

Feel free to follow along with some pointers here:

1 min — Marcia Page intro and background.

2:30 — Weathering the pandemic, and accelerated savings and debt.

4:00 — How and why compound interest is the most "powerful force in the universe" (and when Marcia learned it, 6:48).

7:30 — How early should I start? Demonstrated with $1000.

10:45 — THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Working your tiny savings into compounded cash.

13:50 — Get to your savings goal ($1,000,000).

16:30 — Five basic principles for your personal finance.

20:30 — The big idea: Everyone can do it. Q&A at 21:00.


Gratitudes: Osta Kaka, Lefse, and Lingonberries.

Video recorded in April 2020, and teaser shot October 25 2020.

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