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Episode #110: Dust at Brewster's

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Short film, written and directed by Matt Wilson.

Dust at Brewster's tells the harrowing tale of one young man's fall into a tough friend-of-a-friend social situation.

A story of peer pressure turned violent, mistimed sexual tensions, and the dangers of mispronouncing a French-sounding name, this 7-minute short about regular dudes will make you question all of your friendships.

Matt Wilson made this exclusively for SideShowTv. What a stand-up guy.

Sure, I asked Matt to make something. Better put, I coaxed him.

Honestly stated: I demanded that this poor, college-kid economics major quit his path and write a movie. When does "friendly advice" turn into "grooming"? What can I say, I like him.

Here's a snippet from the whole film, coming to Oscars Near You 2025.


Dana Connolly (Brewster): "Observant viewers may notice that I am sweating profusely in almost every scene. It wasn’t hot that day. In fact, the director had us perform in sub-zero temperatures to circumvent antiquated SAG-AFTRA bylaws. The sweat is merely a side effect of Matt Wilson’s uncompromising and suffocating gaze.”

Jack Tunguz (Roger): “Might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Don’t believe me? Watch it.”

Sean McShane (Gary): “Working on this short was like working with lighting in a bottle, in that I walked away from this shoot with no memory of the preceding week and second degree burns over half of my body.”


Gratitudes: This frenetic, wonderful group of men. And higher-education institutions run by women.

- Laura P-H

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