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Episode #107: Welcome to The Corner

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

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Casey kicks us off with a response to "How Are You?"


------------------------- Prompt: How are you? --------------------------

I’d like to take this time to congratulate you all on making through what has been an absolutely terrifying year thus far. A generation-defining series of disasters. A never ending, stream of consciousness tragedy. I am very, very proud of you.

It’s been dark, and orange, but fear not! We are mere weeks away from the chance to elect Joe Biden to run our delicate capitalist police state. Oh, the sweet promise of democracy! Nothing left to do but pray, and leave the rest up to the white suburban women.

Now, quarantine is just a perennial how-many-days-can-I-go-without-a-panic-attack contest. And I realize how that sounds, but honestly it’s not all bad. I’ve finally had time to learn what face serum is, I spend evenings power walking and doing Love Island impressions with my mom, and at least twice a week I fall asleep before 11pm to Harry Styles voice reading me a bedtime story.

But isn’t half the fun of indefinite isolation to treat mental illness like a game and turn coping into a winning sport? We all love a good underdog

story, and what more seemingly unbeatable opponent is there then adjustment disorder and anxiety in a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic?

They’ve been training for this moment for years—navigating the smothering love and pressure from their parents trying to live vicariously through their success, all while sacrificing the friendships, parties and romance that seem to be a rite of passage for everyone but them—and now, at the athletic peak of their

career, they step into their super bowl. And *what* a mismatch.

Here we all were, barely getting through our 20’s as is. The audience is just as confused as we are about how we got to this point. But! Where once there was crippling anxiety, now there is a virtual reality videogame protagonist, gaining strength after every panic attack they survive. Leveling up. Conquering identifiable triggers one by one. Celebrating cautiously while waiting for the nerds of our demons to code the next chapter of the game. Endless lives, no alternative, and only upwards to go.

The myriad unknown ways in which this trauma will plague our future lives is but a small price to pay. We are Mark Wahlberg, and this is the boxing movie we’ve always imagined our lives to be.

Until, of course, someone asks how you’re doing and you contemplate explaining all that to another person and then wonder if you’ve fully mentally collapsed and just haven’t noticed because you’ve been entirely deprived of human contact and normalcy, so you just smile and say “welp! all things considered! I ☺ guess ☺ I can’t ☺ complain ☺ ”. Anyway, let me know if you’ve got any cheat codes.

VOICE: Caroline Merrit, Brett Dodenhoff, Laura Huepenbecker.

MUSIC: "Stay Inside" by Riley Overend.

WRITTEN BY: Casey McLaughlin

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