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Episode #101: Pilot

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Welcome to SideShow Television.

We're a collaborative, silly project built to refuge a community of spontaneous journals, impromptu paintings, embarrassing shorts, rambling blogs, and senseless recordings made for the pure and simple catharsis of it.

I'm Laura, here to coordinate. I'm that frantic tangled hair mess in the video below.

Over fifty episodes created with strangers and friends from the way past, I am humbly attempting to cross-breed a community of dumb-fun ideas to spread a laugh, especially in a time where it's tough to laugh about anything.

If you find yourself spiraling among our world's unending kooky surprises, let's get in touch and make an episode. Our contributors know Sideshow's a hot mess and we're pretty damn proud of it.

Let me explain...

Our collective exterior scenery feels uniquely permeating to the soul, no? All of its political havoc and unjust mayhem and long days spent analyzing how to hug someone with your eyes from behind a smudgy plexiglass wall have intruded my thin bubble of sanity.

I recognize that most of the worlds' fights are not mine. The United States finds itself - again - in a fight for racial justice, safety, and respect during a pandemic (guys?!) which only highlights heftier faults and prejudices in our wealth, power, and judicial systems.

As much as I want to open that newspaper, friendly Paperman, I'm busy paddling between world-core anxiety spirals, friendly citizenly obligations, urges to bathe in self pity and shaming myself for ignoring my astonishingly unshaven legs for months. Look, I wear the privileged skintone of someone who often disobeys traffic laws in front of suburban police and I am still feeling overwhelmed and stunned into inactivity.

Mostly what I'm looking for is a stupid, silly laugh with friends and strangers I haven't seen in months.

I settled into reading my young-self journals (dark times indeed) and I discovered photographs of the dumbestfunfest I partook in, from ages embryo-to-triple D's. I think they work for the purposes of our Pilot.

Welcome to Corn Capital Days, celebrated annually at my late grandparents' hometown of Olivia, Minnesota (and self-proclaimed "Corn Capital of the World".) (Feel free to fact check this at the US Grains Council site here.) (No, we haven't checked either). The neighborhood and beyond arrived to win corn eating contests, battle the six-part Cornlympics, and to embarrass poor tykes in the tractor pulls.

My genetically-OCD family came to build floats.

And yeah, we won too. 22 years in a row. Uncle Red once choked out the pimple-young "Kiddie Parade Commissioner" for removing competitive standings just to keep our streak going.

This year, we're laying flowers and wearing black instead of clasping zip ties and spray painting decaying cardboard. And goddamn, I really miss this shit.

So I did what Grandma'd do: I built a frivolous playground for myself, and I invite everyone to come write and paint and create with me for the plain enjoyment of it. And just as Grandma'd do, we'll destroy it all later over an afternoon margarita.

SideShow Television attempts to bring this spirit alive, online. We'll build, craft, write and record even if another pimple-young Boy bullies us around these next few months. It's for our uncontrollable impulses to defy odds and take a unique, flexible form for just a tiny moment.

Gratitudes: Zip ties, paint-buckets-turned-kitchen-utensils, costumes with masks.

Join us with any ideas, anytime. Feel free to stay a while.

Get in touch here!

Promo music by Riley Overend and Peter Glanville.

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