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Sarah's Corner - A Conversation with Grandma Brünhilde

PROMPT: Your great-great-great-great-great grandperson just came back to life to take you out to coffee! How do you begin to explain the world today?

Hi, Great-great-great-great-great grandma Brünhilde! So, imagine that you're watching a futuristic movie...wait, you don't know what movies are. Imagine you're listening to a radio show about the future...huh.

Okay, so you are used to living in the late 1800s on an isolated farm in Germany where you can only communicate with people by traveling miles by foot/horse to their farm and talking to them in person and have to work to eke out a living and to be able to eat.

Now, you can instantly know about pretty much anyone through an invisible network in the air, even people you don't care about, and your work is not really important but you still have to do it all the time, and you have more to eat but it's not really good for you.

Oh, and women can vote! But men still hate the idea. And yes, an iced almond milk foam latte is a kind of coffee, G6 Brünhilde.

- Dr. Sarah Huepenbecker, October 2020

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