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#113: Passive Aggressive Decompressing

Feedback forms for all this.

This past Saturday, the majority of our esteemed American Nation drew in a sigh of relief. We celebrated our acknowledged voices by buying out every rainbow-flagged liquor store, toasting tequila to Ruth, and polluting the streets with tears of joy.

In record numbers, Biden-Harris supporters flooded the ballot to fire a man who put greed, distrust, and division into action. We brought our first woman -- and our first Black woman -- and our first woman of Asian descent into the Vice Presidential office. Celebration was in order.

This raises a multitude of questions and emotions, but the preeminent wonder I have is how to begin unravelling the tension we have held onto for the last four years. What kinds of psychological battering have we endured from distrusting each and every figure holding democratic authority? How far have we pushed ourselves in ostracizing the other side to protect our own stifled beliefs?

I have felt myself tightening for these previous years, and the drawn out election season pushed me to the brink. And truthfully, it's scared me a bit from myself.

Did I need to tell my wonderful Uncle that he's a fascist pig? Probably not. Did it feel appropriate at the time? Sure.

In our house, we call him He Who Must Not be Named. It's gotten that tense.

It's time to release these tightly wound coils of angst.

It's time to relinquish the painful memories of those political conversations turned bottle-throwing yelp-fests.

It's time to bring the Wonderful World of Passive Aggressive Internet in.

These forms are intended to be shared and used by those you have misunderstood, and for those who have misunderstood you.

Sometimes I need a long word response, sometimes I need some multiple choice, but I always need help with the question, "What part of this conversation appalled me the most?"

Link to "Event Feedback: That Atrocious Dinnertime Political Conversation We Just Had" here.


Maybe this one is closer to home for you. Maybe we need a passive aggressive means to understand just why your parents kicked you out for pinging that poster on your door.

"It Hurt My Feelings When You Called Me [X]" feedback form here.

This next one might just be for me.

Why, Daniel? Why did you go to the bathroom four times, Daniel?

Please click here, Daniel.

More tumultuous times are ahead, no doubt. But, maybe a full blown survey can do a bit more to remedy our past and current strained relationships than a tweet can. Who knows.

Gratitudes: Major Biden.

- Laura Huepenbecker 11/11/2020

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